Wednesday, January 18, 2012

$30 for $50 at Silhouette!

I just learned about another flash sale site called Plum District. Well, today they have a deal for Silhouette! For $30 you get a $50 voucher to spend on their site (that is a 40% savings)! I have some supplies I need to order for a couple upcoming projects, so I took advantage of this. If you are interested go over to Plum District and sign up. The deal is not good towards the purchase of a Cameo, or download cards, but will get you a nice supply of other great products. The deal is running for 4 more days, so you still have some time to think about it.


  1. Thanks Lizzie for letting me know that Kentucky is not actually Kentucky, I have been staring at states for a little too long now, and they are all starting to look the same! I am fixing that right now! Cute blog!

    1. I'm sure if I were you, I would have overlooked many of the states ;)
      Thanks! It needs some serious love and attention, but life kind of gets in the way of blogging at times.