Thursday, December 15, 2011

Glass Etching

I decided to be nice and add an extra gift to go along with the peppermint bark I made for my co-workers, so they are all getting jars to hold the bark! And not just any jars, PERSONALIZED jars! Man, I must really like them.

I have yet to attempt glass etching, but thought this would be a great project to try out this technique. Here are the tools you will need:
- stencil of some kind (I used a vinyl stencil I made on my Silhouette)
- bottle of Armour Etch
- foam brush
- rubber gloves
- glass container of your choice

I went to my closest Hobby Lobby during one of their 50% off glass sales (which, if you didn't know, run pretty much every other week) and purchased 5 smallish glass jars with lids (priced at $3.79 each normally, with the sale were only $1.90 each). Also, I had a 40% off coupon which I used to purchase the Armour Etch. I got a small bottle which cost $8.99 normally, so with the coupon was $5.40. The gloves, foam brush, and vinyl for the stencil are things that I already had lying around the house.

To get started, I created my stencils on my Silhouette, and stuck them to the jars. Sticking vinyl to round objects is not the easiest thing to do, which is why I cut my stencil into 3 seperate pieces. This allowed me to lign up the words better. I would highly recommend doing this.

Then, with the foam brush, I dabbed on a thick coat of the Armour Etch cream, and waited 5 whole minutes (as per the printed instructions on the bottle), then rinsed them off thoroughly under running water.

Here is one of the finished jars:

This is a fairly easy project to take on and there are SO many options for what you can make. I have a couple more gift ideas in the works, and hope the recipients love them!


  1. What a great idea. Very cool. I would like to give this a try. They would make great gift ideas.