Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I've Been Busy, I Swear!

I have been busy whipping up some Christmas presents and haven't wanted to post them here, since the recipient's read my blog, so I apologize for not letting you in on the fun. I will post after the holidays, I promise.

I am a crazy person, and ordered my camera, and then decided to research it. A friend of mine has it and loves it, but the more reviews I read, the more wary I was about it. So many people have had issues and I decided I would rather invest in a camera that won't have to be repaired several times. I ordered the Nikon P300 and it arrived yesterday. I am SO glad I ordered this one as it has received several awards for being a best all around point and shoot camera, and it takes fabulout photos! Again, I've been busy and I will post pics soon.

Thank you all for being patient!


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